So, on January I started ordering VOGUE USA, and since it comes from the states getting the first magazine was evaluated to come in 4-17 weeks. And now it finally came, my baby, and my inspiration 😀


I’m not sure how something as simple as a magazine arriving make me so happy and jumping around the apartment, but it does. I pretty much went through the April Vogue from cover to cover twice during the evening and it does give me some inspiration on what I like what comes to the type of clothes I would like to learn to create.

So, just wanted to share my excitement and can’t wait for next months issue to come out.


XoXo, Saara


Fun and Fancy

Last week when I was visiting my moms place she gave me a pack of these textile colors that her neighbor had given to her. These seem to be relatively old but they still work pretty well (although I only tried them to a piece of paper).


-I must apologize for the poor quality of this photo!-

I’m in the process of figuring out how to use them, if I should get some white fabric and then try to make some sort of picture or pattern to it.

That’s just something for now.

XoXo, Saara


New Yarns from Novita

So today I went for a little shopping, and only had planned to get some groceries and one PC game.

But, as it usually happens to me I always end up getting couple yarns with me as well. Today was no different from that. I ended up buying two of my favorite brand (Novita 7 veljestä) – colors 553 (fuchsia) and 522 (rose) – and can’t wait to use these to create some pretty socks.

Novita also has some great patterns to search from and I used their website when I was learning to make my firs pair of socks, it was especially helpful when I was learning the heel part.

So this was all I wanted to share tonight and I’ll continue on knitting now 🙂


XoXo, Saara