Some of my knitting works

Knitting socks is probably at the moment I’m most proud of doing. I think I’m improving my skills by each pair I make and also very eager to try out new ways of making my works little bit different from just “normal” wool socks.

I love especially making socks for my friends and family, they’re my biggest inspiration in life and wish that I can show them my love for them with my crafts.

Also some time ago I got back to crocheting and just using all my leftover yarns to crochet a napping blanket.

I don’t have a lot of pictures to share cause all my pics vanished when I broke my phone on Saturday so these pics are relatively old. I’ll promise to share some resent ones when I get more knittings done.

XoXo, Saara





Hello everyone!

First of all I want to start my new blog by introducing myself. My name is Saara and soon to be 26 years old and living in the capital area in Finland.

I love knitting and been knitting pretty actively for about 5-6 years. My inspirations are my (now passed away) grandmother who I always used to observe intensively as a child when she was knitting. In my mind she’s the one who always made the best socks, mittens, hats and all you can think of. When my youngest brother was born in -95 she even made Moomin sweaters for me and my second brother.


My other and bit newer interest is sewing and fashion. For the past couple years I’ve been browsing for fashion blogs and sites and searching for inspirations and seeing which type of style is most to my liking. Also I’ve been intensively watched Project Runway.


What comes to fashion I love 50’s and 60’s fashion, especially Jackie Kennedy. Stylewise I also love Natalie Portman and BeyoncĂ©. And absolutely adore Tim Gunn as a personality and his fashion sense and expertise.

I made myself a promise to learn this year how to sew and got a sewing machine, which I’ll introduce later this week, and some cheap fabrics from my so far favorite fabric store here in Finland (Eurokangas).

I think this is enough for the starters. I hope you’ll be here to read more and follow my progress. Thank you for that in advance.


Yours, Saara !